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James Dewar

When I first visited Cambodia in 2001 as a wide-eyed backpacker I was instantly seduced by the unique pulse of the country; its dusty red roads, the hot breeze in the evening, the shabby colonial architecture and the youthful energy of its capital, Phnom Penh. Since then, my focus as a photographer and filmmaker has rarely shifted from the people of Cambodia and its recent post-conflict history.

I am not alone in this obsession. I have been collaborating on two documentary films that profile prominent Cambodian figures films with artist/filmmaker, Tim Corrigan. These have been personal projects, supported in part by my work as a freelance photographer and Operations and Technical Manager for Film London. While back home in East Sussex, Iā€™m exploring local stories with my camera close at hand. But Cambodia is always on the horizon, and I will be returning next year in search of a new project to develop.